The Power to Rise Up

Out of the Ashes

And Into the Glory of Prosperity!

Our Campaign

The Rise Up – Robby Wells for President 2016 Campaign is gaining momentum every day thanks to you. Our plan returns Prosperity to the United States so that each of us can pursue the American Dream once again. It is time for each of us to lay aside our differences and begin working together. As one unit, we will be victorious in the upcoming election and bring a new, positive direction to our nation.

Join Volunteers

The best organizations win with people. Please consider joint Team Rise Up today! Our staff and field organizers take their positions very serious because of what is at stake. We have all watched as the history of our nation unfolds. Now you have a unique opportunity to actually be a part of making history in the 2016 election. Join our team today! Rise Up!

Our Mission

We will win this election one citizen at a time. By coming together as one people and laying aside all of our differences, we will restore Prosperity to the land.

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And Make History!

Become a


Time for a new generation of leaders to step up!

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Phone: 1 704 618 1582
Robby Wells
8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 730
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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